Friends of St. Michael’s Girls Primary School Busembatia Uganda


Fiona, one of our trustees, started the the building of the Library in 2002. The Library was completed in 2007. Over 5,000 books were shipped out from the UK.

St Francis School in Pewsey, Wiltshire pays the salary of Evelyn, the Librarian. Evelyn is a graduate in Library and Information Science from Makerere University in Kampala. She ensures that the library is kept in good order, as well as supporting the girls with their reading and running reading groups, editing the school magazine and organising many other reading and spelling related activities.

As English is not their first language, it is important that the whole school community have access to English reading materials for all levels of reading. All national exams are in English.

Spelling Bee

There is a National Spelling Bee Competition in Uganda -  In March 2017 a group of St Michael’s girls entered for the first time….We are really proud that Latifah got through to the National Finals in Kampala competing against other Regional Winners …some competitors from very prestigious schools. She was knocked out in the 4th round - but we will continue to fund the books and travel for girls to enter this annual competition.  There was huge excitement at the school and in the village that a girl whose mother sells charcoal was good enough to make it through to the National Final - this is really empowering for all the girls, and there was a real buzz around the school for weeks.

Benefits of the Library

Improving English Skills

A small amount of reading for each child does wonders for their English understanding.

Learning outside the classroom

The library is very easily accessible, and provides a great opportunity for extra education.

A relaxed environment

This is a place that can be used anytime, and is perfect for the weekends when the children have no lessons.

For the orphans

As the orphans live in the school, this gives them a resource to access during the holidays.

Board games

These games are able to help with various skills, especially numeracy. Snakes and Ladders is a favourite!

Dedicated Librarian

The Librarian is able to help the children with their reading, to further their understanding.