Friends of St. Michael’s Girls Primary School Busembatia Uganda

Craft Room

The craft room was built in 2011 with the aim of teaching the girls the basic skills needed to repair their uniform and design and make their own clothes. Only a small number of the girls that attend St Michael’s will be able to go on to secondary school, due to the cost. Therefore this is the last opportunity for us to give these girls other skills to take with them when they leave primary school.

The school is based in a rural part of Uganda, and a lot of the girls will leave the school to go and dig on their parents’ land or perhaps even set up their own tailoring business, with the skills they have learnt. The craft room has 8 hand-powered sewing machines (the old Singer sewing machine type) and the charity funds the cost of a seamstress, who not only makes the uniform for the children but also runs the craft club.

Sanitary Pads

Many of the girls do not come to school when they have their periods, as they do not have pads, which means they miss out on school. It is possible to make reusable sanitary pads from micro fleece and velcro - some pads were made last term and tested by a group of day girls. These have been very successful, and the sewing room now has plenty of fabric to make more.

If you have any old knitting needles or fabric that you no longer require, then we will be able to find it a happy home in Uganda. Get in touch with us.