Friends of St. Michael’s Girls Primary School Busembatia Uganda

Sewing/Craft Room

The Sewing/Craft Room was built and equipped in 2011 to teach the girls basic sewing skills to repair their uniform + clothing and if interested to start to learn how to make their own clothes. Only a small number of the girls that attend St Michael’s will go on to secondary school. Sewing gives the girls who do drop out of education a skill to take with them when they return to their homes.

The Sewing/Craft Room has hand sewing machines (old Singer sewing machine type) and the charity funds the salary of Solivia - the very talented seamstress, who not only makes the uniforms for all the children but also runs the many sewing/craft clubs, with the help of artistic and creative teachers.

Sanitary Pads

Many of the older girls do not come to school when they have their periods, as they do not have pads, this does have a marked impact on their learning, being absent from school for so many days every month.

Solivia and some of the older girls now make washable reuseable pads out of microfleece. There is also a supply of knickers for the girls who do not have them.

Donated Craft Material

If you have any knitting needles, wool, fabric and haberdashery that you no longer require, then we will be able to find a happy home for them in the craft room. Please get in touch with us through our Contact Page.