Friends of St. Michael’s Girls Primary School Busembatia Uganda


Children receiving food'

Bowl of Porridge

The School Lunch Feeding Programme started in 2008, with the aim to give all day girls a bowl of porridge. Within a year we were able to give all the 500 day girls a bowl of maize porridge each day at school.This small meal makes a significant difference. Too many...

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Child reading a book


Fiona, one of our trustees, started the the building of the Library in 2002. The Library was completed in 2007. Over 5,000 books were shipped out from the UK.St Francis School in Pewsey, Wiltshire pays the salary of Sharon, the Librarian. Sharon is a graduate in Library and Information Science...

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Children using a computer


With computers becoming more and more integral to our way of life, it makes sense to allow the school children access to it to. By giving the pupils of the school the essential skills to work within a typical office environment and beyond, the girls are able to potentially find...

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Enjoying Craft Time

Sewing/Craft Room

The Sewing/Craft Room was built and equipped in 2011 to teach the girls basic sewing skills to repair their uniform + clothing and if interested to start to learn how to make their own clothes. Only a small number of the girls that attend St Michael’s will go on to...

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Liz's Place

School Medical Centre - Liz's Place

In 2010 Lizzie Beach-MacGeagh, daughter and sister of two of our trustees, was killed by a hit and run driver in London.  Lizzie loved Uganda and spent two happy visits at the school and was in the process of planning another trip after University.So many of her friends and family...

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Okwasa Crafts

The Okwasa Project - Outreach

Okwasa - To light a fire (Lugandan)Our charity was formed to specifically support St. Michael’s school. As it has developed and grown we have become more and more aware of the real poverty in the village. Many of our day girls come to school with no exercise books or pencils – some...

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An orphan


We now have an increasing number of orphans at the school. UNICEF states that there are over 2 million orphans in Uganda !The school receives no money to help support these children, and is reliant on funds they receive from us and kindhearted Ugandans to pay for their uniforms, food...

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Children gardening

School Garden/Farm

It has been a challenge for us to know how best to support the School Gardens/Farm. There is a good amount of land at the school, and other land close by available to rent. We fund the salary of a Manager to oversee the workers in the gardens and farm. ...

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Bishop Willigers Secondary School

Bishop Willigers Secondary School

With many thousands of children in the sub-county it is really important that we continue to support the development of Bishop Willigers Secondary School - next to St Michael’s. There are already 300 pupils in the 4 year groups - and as funds allow and building work continues the number...

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Buildings + Renovations

As a charity we are much more focused on the needs of the child rather than building work - but it is inevitable that from time to time we need to do renovations or build something new. A new block of latrine toiletsWe are particularly proud of Liz’s Place, the...

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St. Michael's Nursery Classroom

Nursery School

The government wants Nursery education in all primary schools. There is little or no government funding to help and parents need to pay fees for these 3 years. With little guidance, and training in Early Childhood Development in its infancy, this has brought many challenges.The St. Michael’s Nursery opened in...

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