Friends of St. Michael’s Girls Primary School Busembatia Uganda


Children using a computer


With computers becoming more and more integral to our way of life, it makes sense to allow the school children access to it to. By giving the pupils of the school the essential skills to work within a typical office environment and beyond, the gir...

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Craft Room

The craft room was built in 2011 with the aim of teaching the girls the basic skills needed to repair their uniform and design and make their own clothes. Only a small number of the girls that attend St Michael’s will be able to go on to secondary...

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Child reading a book


Work started on building the Library in 2002, when Trustee Fiona Beach-MacGeagh started the foundation for the building after her Gap Year. Following many years and the help of other volunteers, the Library was completed in 2007.With the help of A...

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Liz's Place

Liz's Place

In June 2010 Lizzie Beach-MacGeagh, daughter and sister of two of our trustees, was killed by a hit and run driver in London.  Lizzie loved Uganda and spent two happy visits at the school and was in the process of planning another trip after Unive...

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Okwasa Logo

The Okwasa Project

Okwasa - To light a fire (Lugandan)Our charity was formed to specifically support St. Michael’s school. As it has developed and grown we have become more and more aware of the real poverty in the village. Many of our day girls come to school wit...

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Surrounded by children


We now have an increasing number of orphans at the school, currently 40 in total. Although the school is not an orphanage, there is a current problem in the fact that all nearby orphanages have reached or gone over their capacity, leaving these or...

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Children gardening

School Garden

The gardens at the school have been developed thanks to a grant from Seeds for Africa.The school has now been able to grow pineapples, mangoes, orange trees, avocado and lots more.This will take time to develop and the hope is for the girls to rea...

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Children receiving food'

School Lunch Feeding Programme

The School Lunch Feeding Programme started in 2008, with the aim to give all day girls a bowl of porridge a couple of times a week. Within a year we were able to give the 500 day girls a bowl of maize porridge each day at school, which we have con...

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