Friends of St. Michael’s Girls Primary School Busembatia Uganda


Support to the Community during Covid Lockdown

St. Michael's girl

13 August 2020

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UN Sustainable Development Goals

30 June 2020

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Happy Christmas

8 December 2019

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Every so often it is important to stop and remind ourselves why we have been working so hard at St. Michael’s Girls School for 16 years - and why, with your help, our support now spreads to the development of Bishop Willigers Secondary School, and school lunches at St. Mulumba’s Mixed Primary, 1,200 pupils next door to St. Michael’s School.

9 October 2018

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The Success of 10 years of School Lunches

5 April 2018

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Jenny and Keith Fryer - February/March

Jenny had been before, back in 2011 and we have photos and small reminders in our house, so I was prepared, or at least I thought so!

20 April 2017

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St. Michael’s Nursery School

In February 2015 St. Michael’s opened their doors to start a nursery class for the village. The interest and response has been amazing, and already there are over 100 children (girls and boys) at St. Michael’s. They have expanded and have opened another nursery school in Busembatia. …again with over 100 children.

8 April 2017

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Heads in the Sand - Marathon des Sables "The Toughest Footrace on Earth"

We are delighted to announce that Mark Mortimer, Headmaster of Warminster School, and Julian Thomas, Master of Wellington College, are running the Marathon des Sables next month to raise money for the construction of teachers’ houses at St Michael’s Girls’ Primary School in Uganda. The 32nd Marathon des Sables will start in the Sahara Desert on 7th April. Competitors run 6 stages over 7 days in temperatures of around 50oC to complete the 250km (156 miles) course.

17 March 2017

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Liz’s Place - The School Medical Centre

Nurse Jude after 4 years at St. Michael’s has gone back to college to enhance his qualifications, and we are delighted to welcome Nurse Zam to St. Michael’s. She is assisted in the Sick Bay by Nurse Rose. Having two resident nurses at the school means that the 4 bed medical centre is fully staffed every day throughout the year. Malaria continues to be our major concern. Fast testing and treatment is essential to save lives. Every child who has a temperature is tested for malaria - a simple prick test with results in 15 minutes- We only purchase medicines from Joint Medical Stores a really excellent and reliable source of high quality medicines…mostly from Europe, India and the US. Shockingly 30% of medicines available at local drug stores are probably fake and many of the deaths in Africa are because of the widespread availability of these fake drugs which have no benefit to the patient.

1 February 2017

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Bishop Willigers Secondary School

Bishop Willigers is a secondary school, located next door to St Michael’s and a few minutes walk down the road.

1 December 2016

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The Dorm Project Boys

Between July and August, a group of 6 boys visited the school with a big project in mind - to build a dormitory for the boys living in the school. Successful with their venture, two of the volunteers, George and Tobias, have written a thorough recap of their time at the school. There are many challenges to be faced in a venture such as this, and we commend them for their generosity towards the people of St Michaels School!

1 November 2016

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The Porridge Pot

The School Lunch Feeding Programme is now in its 9th year.

1 October 2016

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A New Washroom - Thanks to Cares 4 Kids

Thanks to a Grant awarded to us by Cares 4 Kids we have been able to build a new washing facility for the girls.

16 February 2016

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The Barn Dance goes live!

The Boys’ Dorm Project is hosting a barn dance event with live music, dancing and an included meal! We encourage anyone to bring themselves and their family to our all-ages night of fun where we will be playing traditional Gaelic folk music in a ceilidh. No dancing skills required - just bring yourself, a hat and we’ll coordinate your dancing. We’ll be serving a meal halfway through the evening to keep you going and special family ticket prices to get everyone through the door. All the details for the event can be found on the barn dance page!

8 February 2016

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Merry Christmas!

Here’s a Christmas card from all of us at Friends of St Michael’s Uganda.

14 December 2015

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Swainswick Christmas Fair

As per every year, Swainswick Primary school have been running their Christmas Fair to raise money for the school. However, this year they have allowed The Boy’s Dorm Project to set up a stall of our own for fundraising.

5 December 2015

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St Francis School, Pewsey

We are delighted that our link with St Francis School Pewsey– now in its 7th year - goes from strength to strength. They have been very supportive in so many ways. Andrew Mugabi – Head of English at St. Michael’s - spent a week at St. Francis and a teacher from St Francis has been to St. Michaels’ – living at the school and fully participating in school life.

20 October 2015

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Welcome to the new website!

If you haven’t heard of me already, my name’s Elvin Luff and I’ve been working quietly behind the scenes with Nick and Vicki for a while now. I’m a 17 year old web designer from Wiltshire and this website is something that I’ve been working on since the start of this year, and I hope you like it!

16 June 2015

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Let Your Living Water

7 March 2015

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Projects Around the School

There are now hand washing stations around the school. The girls fill the tanks twice a day, but with over 600 pairs of hands using them they empty very quickly. So although they have been a success this project will need to be improved and monitored throughout 2015.

5 March 2015

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Visitors for 2014

We have had some really dedicated and enthusiastic visitors this year. Thank you to all the volunteers who contributed so much to the development of the school.

2 March 2015

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Visit from the Dentist

Following on from the success of the 4 day visit from the UK of the 14 man Dentaid team in September 2013 we have been unsuccessful in finding a local Ugandan dentist who was prepared to come to the school once a term to treat the staff/girls and to run workshops for the whole school about the importance of brushing their teeth. However, Barbara Koffman, the Dentaid coordinator, introduced us to Ryan Shinska. He is an American Dentist - a Christian who has been called to serve the poor in Uganda. He lives and works in Jinja about 2 hours away, but comes up with his team of dental nurses once a term to treat the girls who are suffering. At the end of the clinic the nurses talk to the pupils and staff about good practices and demonstrate how to brush correctly. There is still some way to go to say that we have turned the corner and all the girls brush their teeth properly twice a day.

1 March 2015

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2014 Annual Report

Visitors to the School

23 February 2015

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2014 Thank You

Without our supporters and regular givers we would not be able to feed the 400 day girls or support the growing number of orphans at the school. We are deeply indebted to so many generous individuals, to the Rotary Club of Morriston South Wales, to the members and congregations of St. Thomas More Church & St. Mary’s Church both of Marlborough, Holy Family Church in Pewsey, St. Michael’s Without of Bath and to St. Francis School Pewsey, Horris Hill Newbury, Monkton Combe Prep. School Bath and Marlborough College.

16 February 2015

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Abby Turner went in 2012, read her review

Name: Abby Duration of stay: 16 Days When: July 2012 Occupation in the UK: Teacher

25 June 2014

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2014 Half Yearly Report

What a busy year for the charity and the school. First there was the February 2014 trip by Nick and Vicki Beach (see our post about this) and then Mary and Lizzie went out with Tom primarily to help with teaching support and literacy. This is very much needed and will be ongoing. Their trip was a great success but the skills given to the teachers need to be continually updated and refreshed so that it can really bed in.

25 June 2014

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Vicki & Nick's trip February 2014 - what a good one

Departure Thursday 6th Feb. 2014

7 March 2014

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Fiona's trip in August 2013

My 10th visit to St. Michael’s, Uganda – August 2013

15 November 2013

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Mary Morrison - teacher education - sharing and learning

Teacher Education – sharing and learning

14 November 2013

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Stuart Beech - my first trip to St. Michaels August 2013

Some thoughts on Leaving St. Michaels after my stay - August 2013

13 November 2013

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Short reflections on The Easter 2013 trip

I recently had the privilege of visiting St Michaels School in Busembatia, Uganda. I had visited Africa before so was familiar with some aspects of African culture. This was my first visit to Uganda and I was immediately struck by the beauty of the country and the friendliness of the people. It is difficult to describe exactly what is so special about St Michaels School , it may be the commitment of the staff, it may be the warmest welcome from the pupils, equally it could be the good will which inhabits the school generally, whatever it is, it is catching! To be able to share in the life of the school, not just an observer, is a truly life changing experience and one which I  recommend to anyone who wants that kind of experience. I shall return to St Michaels in the future to experience once more that wonderful friendship and community rarely found in our busy lives today. If you are considering becoming a supporter of, or volunteer for St Michaels, you will not be disappointed.

28 June 2013

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Fund Raising event held at British Airways Flying

On Thursday 13th June a very successful fund raising event was held at the Flying Start Club at Heathrow courtesy of, and with many thanks to, British Airways for their generosity. One of the Trustees Fiona Beach-MacGeagh is travelling to the school in July for a month long stay and she will be accompanied by Stuart Beech a BA pilot. The fund raising event was his idea, not only to raise awareness of the school but also to raise funds for him to spend on behalf of the school when he is there.

28 June 2013

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Bath Half Marathon 2013

Well done and many many congratulations to Jamie Beach for completing and finishing the Bath Half in aid of FSMU. The weather was a contrast from last year when it was too warm, this year it was cool to say the least - good running weather.

5 March 2013

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2013 Easter trip to St Michael's

The Easter 2013 trip to the school was enjoyed by all 5 travellers of whom only Vicki Beach had been before. Her fellow trustee Matthew Devlin accompanied her along with his wife Rosemary, Marian Marlow and Mary Morrison. As always it was an eye opening experience for the new visitors, both humbling and joyful.

1 March 2013

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The Visit of Andrew Mugabi

In November and December 2012 Andrew Mugabi came to England for his first trip outside Uganda. He is Director of Studies and Head of English at St. Michaels and very much the right hand man to the Head Teacher. His trip was organised primarily to give him an insight into our education system with the aim of expanding his own knowledge to take back to the school and use it not only with the pupils but also the other staff members too.

28 February 2013

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Exam results January 2013

St. Michael’s continued with its excellent examination record when the results came out in January. P7 (class Primary 7) achieved 24 Grade 1 results and 14 Grade 2 results. With these top grades any pupil will be able to go to a Secondary School of her choice - but only if her parents can/are willing to pay fees unless the pupil has secured a place in a rare state funded secondary school. As always it seems that the school excels in these examinations which are nation wide.

26 February 2013

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“An amazing school run by amazing people”

The whole experience was amazing.

Name: Abby Duration of stay: 16 Days When: July 2012 Occupation in the UK: Teacher

13 February 2013

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