Friends of St. Michael’s Girls Primary School Busembatia Uganda


Every so often it is important to stop and remind ourselves why we have been working so hard at St. Michael’s Girls School for 16 years - and why, with your help, our support now spreads to the development of Bishop Willigers Secondary School, and school lunches at St. Mulumba’s Mixed Primary, 1,200 pupils next door to St. Michael’s School.

Starting at St. Michael’s Nursery School - through 7 years at St. Michael’s and 4 years at Bishop Willigers Secondary School we will continue to play our part by focusing on:

School Lunches + Nutrition.

Literacy - Funding books, the librarian, literacy teacher and literacy + phonics workshops.

Computer Room + IT teacher.

Medical Centre - nurses and medicines - personal hygiene initiatives.

Play - Sport - Art and Crafts…..and so much more.

Your support is vital, please do spread the word and encourage Giving so we can do more to help!

If a child is healthy and not hungry they have a good chance of a happy childhood -
and can learn at school….every child’s right.