Friends of St. Michael’s Girls Primary School Busembatia Uganda

St. Michael’s Nursery School

In February 2015 St. Michael’s opened their doors to start a nursery class for the village. The interest and response has been amazing, and already there are over 100 children (girls and boys) at St. Michael’s. They have expanded and have opened another nursery school in Busembatia. …again with over 100 children.

Such has been the response and interest that the facilities are struggling to keep up with the need. At St. Michael’s half of the dining hall has been sectioned off with a wooden screen….and the two teachers have made all the educational resources. The children do not want to walk across the school grounds to the latrines and just squat around the back of their classroom. There is also no playground or outdoor equipment, and with only two teachers to look after them there is considerable support needed. The facilities are somewhat better up at Busembatia, but the primary need is to help at St. Michael’s. We have tried to obtain a grant to help with the funding of playground equipment, and have had some success so we will be going ahead in 2017 linking in with East African Playgrounds and a group of University students from the UK who will spend several weeks at St. Michael’s constructing really robust playground equipment. The Project Leader from EAP will visit the school several times and have consultations with the teachers and pupils so that the design of the playground meet the needs of the school….nursery pupils and older children.

NEWS FLASH: The details are now finalised - Students from the Universities of Aberystwyth, Cardiff, University of the West of England and Manchester arrive on the 10th June to construct the long awaited playground. Many thanks to everyone at East African Playgrounds. The students under guidance from EAP, will build in the morning, and organise arts and crafts activities with the girls in the afternoon. They will be living, eating and sleeping at St. Michael’s for 4 weeks…so plenty of time to settle into the rhythm of rural Ugandan life.