Friends of St. Michael’s Girls Primary School Busembatia Uganda

Liz’s Place - The School Medical Centre

Nurse Jude after 4 years at St. Michael’s has gone back to college to enhance his qualifications, and we are delighted to welcome Nurse Zam to St. Michael’s. She is assisted in the Sick Bay by Nurse Rose. Having two resident nurses at the school means that the 4 bed medical centre is fully staffed every day throughout the year. Malaria continues to be our major concern. Fast testing and treatment is essential to save lives. Every child who has a temperature is tested for malaria - a simple prick test with results in 15 minutes- We only purchase medicines from Joint Medical Stores a really excellent and reliable source of high quality medicines…mostly from Europe, India and the US. Shockingly 30% of medicines available at local drug stores are probably fake and many of the deaths in Africa are because of the widespread availability of these fake drugs which have no benefit to the patient.

The Nurses are working with the dormitory matrons to ensure that the girls cover themselves properly at night with the mosquito nets…we have funded more window screening. The school was sprayed against mosquitoes earlier this year, but like so many services in Uganda there was a feeling that the technician did not use the correct sprays or dosage as the benefit only lasted 3 weeks rather than 3 months.

We are trying to make contact with USAID in Kampala and other NGOs for their guidance as to who to use, as some train up technicians in IRS (Indoor Residual Spraying)!