Friends of St. Michael’s Girls Primary School Busembatia Uganda

Swainswick Christmas Fair

As per every year, Swainswick Primary school have been running their Christmas Fair to raise money for the school. However, this year they have allowed The Boy’s Dorm Project to set up a stall of our own for fundraising.

Currently the amount raised by us stands at 1800 pounds, with a goal of 5000. With the school making us their charity of choice in 2014 for our first outing to Uganda, they have followed up again this year by making us their charity of choice again - We definitely were not expecting that!

At the fair this time round we were focusing on representing and giving out some lovely baubles in the Christmas spirit - with our own Ugandan twist. We managed to raise a further 50 pounds, a small amount compared to the large contributions the school has already made, but every penny counts!

If you have any more pennies to spare, always remember the donation button. Leave a note saying it’s for the boy’s dorm project and add gift aid on top, and even a small donation becomes much bigger!