Friends of St. Michael’s Girls Primary School Busembatia Uganda

Visitors for 2014

We have had some really dedicated and enthusiastic visitors this year. Thank you to all the volunteers who contributed so much to the development of the school.

Nick and Vicki Beach

Vicki a Trustee and her husband spent 2+weeks at the school in February. Much of their time was spent in meetings and undertaking evaluations of the many projects we support around the school and in the community. They were entertained by a Thanksgiving Day for Leavers - singing, dancing, a meal and speeches. St. Michael’s is now one of the best schools in the District and several local dignitaries attended the event.


Emma came from Dauntsey’s School to spend a month at St. Michael’s. She helped in the classroom and the library. She was warmly welcomed and her enthusiasm was much appreciated by all the girls and staff.

Mary Lizzy and Tom

Mary, a Trustee, heads up our Literacy Support team and with the help of Lizzy a Teaching Assistant they spent two weeks running workshops, and giving encouragement to all the teachers. Tom, on his Gap Year, was an extra pair of hands and really involved himself in the Computer Room. The school has been recently externally assessed by the Dept of Education and the Inspectors commented on how surprised they were at the high level of literacy and numeracy at the school, bearing in mind the location of the school and the family background of many of the children.

Uganda 14

A group of 5 post GCSE boys and a leader spent three weeks at the school in June. They really threw themselves into sports and games IT teaching and music. Everyone loved having them and we have been asked by the Headmistress if we can organise other post GCSE groups in the future. We are hugely proud of the boys who behaved impeccably -picking up very quickly on the rhythm of African life and showing so much respect to all the girls and staff. Thank you Jess for being such a wonderful leader.

After leaving St. Michael’s the boys spent a week on Safari up at Murchison’s Falls National Park organised by Red Chilli Hideaway.

Fiona and Lisa

Fiona a Trustee spent five weeks at the school during July and August. She is very much the heart of the charity, and to the school she is their daughter. She had several meetings with the School Management Committee talking about the next Five Year Plan. She also was on the interview panel for the new Librarian. Lisa, who travelled out for a week, threw herself into everything that was asked of her. Barbara one of the older girls is an excellent reader and is keen to be a journalist. Lisa, as an ex-journalist, was able to share her knowledge with Barbara and set her several tasks to do during her stay.

Kay and Bernadette

This was Kay’s second visit - her first in 2009 and she was amazed how much has changed at the school..for the better! Bishop Willigers was just a one brick high outline in a field last time she was there and now they are 100 pupils learning to O Level. She and Bernadette helped Evelyn the new Librarian rearrange the library. They did lots of fun activities with the children, and of course lots of reading. Kay is now an Ambassador for the charity.