Friends of St. Michael’s Girls Primary School Busembatia Uganda

St Francis School, Pewsey

We are delighted that our link with St Francis School Pewsey– now in its 7th year - goes from strength to strength. They have been very supportive in so many ways. Andrew Mugabi – Head of English at St. Michael’s - spent a week at St. Francis and a teacher from St Francis has been to St. Michaels’ – living at the school and fully participating in school life.

We asked David Sibson, the Headmaster to explain why St Francis places so much positive emphasis on the link between the two schools and this is what he said :-

Here at St Francis School in Pewsey, Wiltshire we are keen to give our pupils a more global perspective by developing our strong links with St Michael’s. Each of our classes has a representative on our Africa Link Committee which is assisted by a member of staff who has been to St Michael’s. The committee plans ways in which all pupils in their respective classes can engage with pupils at St Michael’s: in recent terms these have included exchanging games, writing details of clubs and activities, and also making collections of clothing such as nightwear for the girls in Uganda.

We were delighted to welcome one of the senior teachers from St Michael’s to spend a week at St Francis learning about the English prep school system. We also enjoy regular updates in school assemblies from those who have visited St Michael’s.

As a school, we sponsor the Librarian at St Michael’s and follow with interest the work carried out by Evelyn. The whole school community is involved in supporting St Michael’s financially through collections after the annual Carol Service and Harvest Service, as well as when the need arises such as when a collection was taken after a recent St Francis School Community Choir performance to provide emergency mosquito nets.

All of this activity helps the pupils at St Francis to develop a broader perspective of the world beyond their local environment.