Friends of St. Michael’s Girls Primary School Busembatia Uganda

2014 Thank You

Without our supporters and regular givers we would not be able to feed the 400 day girls or support the growing number of orphans at the school. We are deeply indebted to so many generous individuals, to the Rotary Club of Morriston South Wales, to the members and congregations of St. Thomas More Church & St. Mary’s Church both of Marlborough, Holy Family Church in Pewsey, St. Michael’s Without of Bath and to St. Francis School Pewsey, Horris Hill Newbury, Monkton Combe Prep. School Bath and Marlborough College.

We also are hugely grateful to Dauntseys School at Devizes who (the whole school) voted St. Michael’s as their school charity of the year for 2014. Dauntsey pupils raised money in many various and imaginative ways throughout the year. Some also took part in the famous annual Devizes to Westminster canoe race over the Easter holiday, as they always do, but this year all sponsorship raised went to their yearly fund raise for our charity. The amount realised was fantastic, humbling and startling. So many people, boys and girls and parents and friends prepared to put themselves out, and in the case of the canoeists suffer no little hardship and pain. At the year end just over £22,000 was raised which is a wonderful sum which we will put towards helping St. Michaels, the pupils and the local community. In October 2014 Vicki Beach was presented with the cheque during a special Assembly at Dauntseys. Because of our link with Dauntseys we were very pleased that Emma McFarland (daughter of Mark McFarland, Second Master of the school) went out with Mary, Lizzie and Tom in May 2014 and indeed stayed on at St. Michaels after the others went home. It really was wonderful to be able to have that connection with Dauntseys out in Uganda as a reality.

Not only have there been generous financial donations but also clothes and shoes not to mention books, educational equipment and pens, pencils and paper. A very special mention is for Labaid – a charity that donated a large quantity of science equipment which all went out to the school in March 2013. Prior to that they had nothing for practical science lessons! Nothing at all. Also a big thank you to everyone who has donated a laptop or other computer related equipment, and to Tom Dilley for the many second hand sewing machines which have been taken out and are now used by the seamstress and the girls themselves.

A massive thank you to everyone who supports our projects.