Friends of St. Michael’s Girls Primary School Busembatia Uganda

2014 Half Yearly Report

What a busy year for the charity and the school. First there was the February 2014 trip by Nick and Vicki Beach (see our post about this) and then Mary and Lizzie went out with Tom primarily to help with teaching support and literacy. This is very much needed and will be ongoing. Their trip was a great success but the skills given to the teachers need to be continually updated and refreshed so that it can really bed in.

Huge mention must be made of Dauntseys School, near Devizes, who have nominated us as their charity of the year 2014. We are so grateful and pleased that Emma McFarland (daughter of Mark McFarland, Second Master of the school) went out with Mary, Lizzie and Tom earlier this year and indeed stayed on. It really was wonderful to be able to have that connection with Dauntseys out in Uganda as a reality. Dauntsey pupils also took part in the annual Devizes to Westminster canoe race over Easter, as they always do, but this year all sponsorship raised went to their yearly fund raise for our charity. The amount realised was fantastic, humbling and startling. So many people, boys and girls and parents and friends prepared to put themselves out, and in the case of the canoeists suffer no little hardship and pain.

On 26th June 5 boys 15/16 yrs from Bath, with leader Jess, go to the school to help, get involved and participate in every day life there. They will bring their own skills and talents, not least show the girls at the school that our own young people have a very real contribution to make to them and not all who go to the school are over their age ranges! This will be very different for the girls, and good for them. With them they will be bringing about 50 mosquito nets, 6 lap tops and various other essential items, and games, pencils and the like. Lots and lots of suitcases crammed full all taken out by British Airways for free as part of their partnership commitment to the Charity. Thank you BA.

July will bring Fiona back to the school with Stuart Beech (BA pilot, see earlier post 2013) with Lisa Bernard as well. We must also mention again with grateful thanks the very practical help and continuous support of the Morriston Rotary Club in Swansea, what a really good bunch of people.