Friends of St. Michael’s Girls Primary School Busembatia Uganda

The Visit of Andrew Mugabi

In November and December 2012 Andrew Mugabi came to England for his first trip outside Uganda. He is Director of Studies and Head of English at St. Michaels and very much the right hand man to the Head Teacher. His trip was organised primarily to give him an insight into our education system with the aim of expanding his own knowledge to take back to the school and use it not only with the pupils but also the other staff members too.

Apart from the weather his trip was a great success. Coming from the tropics he brought no warm clothes or wet weather clothes with him. However these were supplied and by the end he was getting used to the wet and cold though not appreciating it!

He spent most of his time in Bath and Marlborough staying with various trustees. He was a guest at Marlborough College, had a 1 on 1 with the Head of Professional Development, some computer training and shadowed a teacher - all highly relevant. With them he went to Swindon Academy where he was most impressed by the IT facilities and the skills of the pupils there. He enjoyed 2 days at Horris Hill in Berkshire participating in all activities, drumming and sports and took lessons as well. From there he went to St. Francis School at Pewsey which is the British Council link school with St. Michael’s. He had a full weeks programme organised by the Headmaster starting with the first lesson of the day and ending at the close of the day.

A trip was organised for him to see the sea, which he had never experienced before - the Bristol Channel in December! We took him 10 pin bowling, to a Bath rugby match, and to @Bristol which was a highlight for him seeing working technology old and modern and being able to participate and use it. There were many local excursions as well, and an invaluable dyslexia workshop with a specialist teacher to enable Andrew to have some knowledge of what it is and how it affects learning.

All in all a very inspiring time for him and for us as we saw things through his eyes and experience. Our hope is that what he learned will be a motivation to him and a really positive force within the school.