Friends of St. Michael’s Girls Primary School Busembatia Uganda

Stuart Beech - my first trip to St. Michaels August 2013

Some thoughts on Leaving St. Michaels after my stay - August 2013

Some great lessons have been learnt while visiting St Michaels Uganda! One that stands out the most and provides me with clarity is the purpose of life! It seems these wonderful people live life for each day and don’t worry about what’s in store for them tomorrow, let alone at the end of the week! I think this is one of the main factors to why I feel unhappy living in a city that is so sought after and desired! I’m constantly worrying about future events and trying to over plan and compare to others, rather than enjoying the moment and the fruits of life that it brings, hence not being satisfied! I have learnt that just being around people you care for does wonders for my mood and providing help and assistance satisfying my soul.

Music is probably one of the single most important and influential mechanisms to promote community spirit and being people together sharing a common language! The children adore playing, singing and listening to one another and are extremely supportive of all participants! It is for these reasons that I am becoming an Ambassador for St Michaels’s to promote education, cultural experience and nutrition.

After about 10 months of interrupted research it has fallen into place that diet, nutrition and exercise play a vital role in the health and wellbeing of everyone! The Moringa tree will hopefully provide the children with a nutritional boost to increase their academic performance, and general health and wellbeing! It was fascinating to find that the school nurse Jude, had very similar ideas to myself upon arrival at the school. This in turn led to the creation of the Moringa project to farm and harvest the leaves and add them dried to the morning porridge! Father Peter also supported the use of Moringa for nutritional and medicinal purposes! He was quite inspirational and shared his knowledge and wisdom from many years of research and reading.

So this has led me to think about my diet and those around me in the UK! It’s time to take Moringa to the next level to help boost the effectiveness of our everyday activities

As I write I have just been served a glass of wine and lots of food that I can tell is full of sugar! Yes sugar…after reading lots of material it seems that this is the one food that I must avoid! The food in Uganda was so natural and filling! I sit here departing Entebbe feeling fresh and clear! I wonder how long that will last?!

On a final note before tucking into my British Airways meal I just want to touch on the people of Uganda, well those in the rural east……….. They are the most hospitable race I have ever had the pleasure of meeting! A people that operate as a family and a community showing nothing of jealousy or resentment, only love and hope. They are determined but need a little push from a western orientated mind to get things done and ideas planted! Once seeded, the idea then becomes reality and the final product appreciated with whole hearted passion. I met some beautiful people with such positive and amazing outlooks on life in a place where technology is limited and life bearing fruits are in abundance! Nature is truly rewarding in Uganda, only if you know how to harvest it and use its resources properly.

We in the Western world seems to have lost touch with those natural interactions that I experienced in this beautiful county, we now rely far too heavily on technology and machinery to carry out perceived mundane tasks, that in Uganda make so many people content! We shouldn’t lose touch with our origins as Mother Nature, in the end, will always have the final say! What a trip! Cannot wait to go back.