Friends of St. Michael’s Girls Primary School Busembatia Uganda

Fund Raising event held at British Airways Flying

On Thursday 13th June a very successful fund raising event was held at the Flying Start Club at Heathrow courtesy of, and with many thanks to, British Airways for their generosity. One of the Trustees Fiona Beach-MacGeagh is travelling to the school in July for a month long stay and she will be accompanied by Stuart Beech a BA pilot. The fund raising event was his idea, not only to raise awareness of the school but also to raise funds for him to spend on behalf of the school when he is there.

British Airways gave the Charity free use of the magnificent Flying Start Club with its huge function room and dance floor, sound system and bar, and they also provided a finger buffet for all of the guests. No words of thanks can be enough for BA, as they also donated 2 free flights for the raffle as well.

The evening was introduced by Fiona, complete with a video of the school and girls singing, and also Claire Allot who has been to the school herself and who helped Fiona and Stuart set the whole evening up.

Stuart arranged much of the entertainment and performed himself as well! Kim van der Lauf sang quite magnificently both from opera and musicals completely holding her audience transfixed. Stuart himself was a real star of the stage, singing and dancing and performing duets with Kim too. He was so good it was hard to believe his main job was flying , and several people commented that he could find a professional role on stage. Together they were both really memorable.

A choir from Horris Hill Prep School complemented the entertainment superbly with a variety of hit numbers including one from Les Miserables - well done to them.

The raffle was fun as the prize winners all seemed to receive prizes that were so suitable for them individually. The 2 flights were understandably the first to go; Moschino had donated a fashion statement handbag which was received with shrieks of joy and The Innocent Art Gallery of Bristol had given 4 beautiful prints which were snapped up - 3 by a 3 times winner! Adding in wine and champagne as prizes too there was an air of expectation and a buzz to the drawing of winners.

The evening ended after the excitement of the raffle with dancing to DJ Aaron Matthews, young and old alike getting going and into the groove. Thanks must go to everyone involved, and to all those who gave so generously especially British Airways, Moschino and The Innocent Fine Art Gallery. Some £1200 has been raised, a wonderful sum, which Stuart will take with him. The next edition of the newsletter will give details of how it has been spent.