Friends of St. Michael’s Girls Primary School Busembatia Uganda

“An amazing school run by amazing people”

The whole experience was amazing.

Name: Abby Duration of stay: 16 Days When: July 2012 Occupation in the UK: Teacher

The whole experience was amazing. At first it took me a while to adapt to the differences of live in a developing country, but the love and hospitality of the staff made this transition bearable and a fantastic experience. All of the teachers were lovely and conversed with us regularly, which was lovely. It was nice to discuss the differences between England and Uganda.

The pupils were lovely although some minor problems with discipline in relation to the children turning up/doing the work required when in the classes. As a majority it was lovely to teach them and have fun with them outside of the classroom when they were not studying. I enjoyed sewing with them and doing arts/crafts and sports.

It was lovely to be invited to experience their daily living also, for example helping with supper and going to the gardens. The children were very protective of us and would carry our things at any opportunity if we would have allowed it!

When we were in the gardens they were reluctant to allow us to help in case we hurt ourselves - it was nice to be so looked after and respected in this way. All of the staff and children were friendly and looked after us well which led to it being a very positive experience.

The suggestions we made and resources we took out were gratefully received and incorporated where it was possible. This made me feel very valued. It was lovely to spend time with all members of the school and be included with daily running’s of the school.

I am already planning another visit in 2014 with friends!