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The Boys Dorm Project
While St Michael’s school is a girl’s boarding and day school, there are still some special cases where boys may be sons of teachers at the school, or are not able to be taken in by the overcrowded orphanages. St Michael’s has roughly 13 boys living in a small, dark dormitory with some quite severe problems. With 10 beds between them, this means for some boys it’s 2 to a bed!





We are a group of 16 to 18 year olds looking to make an impression on the wider world, by working as a team to improve the conditions of those not as fortunate as us. We’re working with Elvin Luff, an ambassador for Friends of St Michael’s Uganda. For our project, we will be funding and helping to construct a new dormitory for the boys, as when we travelled to Uganda in 2014, we really connected with them and realised that they simply do not have the same standard of living as the girls!

They are all great kids who love football, music and learning new things at school.

While we were in the school in 2014, we were able to fully appreciate the lack of basic comforts that many of us take for granted, for example having a safe place to sleep at night. The boy’s dormitory is very small, with enough space for a few bunk beds, and not much else! There are many problems that the boys have to deal with while sleeping in the dormitory, with flooding from the heavy rains and also from the rats that also inhabit the building. It is not uncommon for the boys to be bitten by the rats while sleeping, and the mosquito nets are not always attended to.

The Team

  • Dylan Charles

    Hi, I’m Dylan; I’m 17 years old and I live in Bath. I love football, spending most of my Sundays at lansdown, playing for Larkhall. Music is another important part of my life; I’m especially into The Black Keys at the moment. I’ve known the other guys in the group for several years now (most of them since our time at Swainswick CofE Primary). I love travelling, and I’m looking forward to visiting a completely new country when we go … read more

  • Elvin Luff

    Web developer, outdoor pursuits leader, systems administrator and Ambassador for Friends of St Michaels Uganda – these are all skills that Elvin prides himself in. Elvin’s responsibility for FSMU is to manage the online strategy for the charity and keep the website in check. While others such as Nick Beach provide the writing for him to work with, Elvin is in charge of the design and feel of the website, and making sure that everything keeps working. He’s currently 18 years old and … read more

  • George Leigh-Wood

    My name is George Leigh-wood, I’m 18 years old. I live in Bath. I love sport, in particular rugby, rowing, skiing, sailing and cycling. I row twice a week at bath Minerva. Last summer I did rowing course at the Imperial boat club on the Thames. I often go to Switzerland and really enjoy skiing in the winter and sailing in the summer. In Uganda I wish to get a better understanding of their culture. I’d like to share my … read more

  • Harry Smith

    Sorry! Harry hasn’t said anything about himself yet.

  • Theo Raithby

    Sorry! Theo hasn’t said anything about himself yet.

  • Tobias Leigh-Wood

    Sorry! Tobias hasn’t said anything about himself yet.

Dorm Sketch


By 2016, we aim to have raised the £5000 needed to build the boys a new dormitory. With the limited resources the school has, it is understandable that no costs are easily spared for the boys, so we wish to do our part and give them a place to be proud of, where they can sleep in safety and comfort and escape the cramped and crowded conditions of the small room they currently inhabit. The current issue is that the boys seem to be hidden away by the school simply because they cannot support them!


We’re fully funded! Thanks for all the support.

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