Abby Turner went in 2012, read her review

Name: Abby
Duration of stay: 16 Days
When: July 2012
Occupation in the UK: Teacher

“An amazing school run by amazing people. A real sense of community!”


The whole experience was amazing. At first it took me a while to adapt to the simple living of being in a developing country. However, the love and hospitality of the staff made this transition bearable and a fantastic experience. Continue Reading

2014 Half Yearly Report

What a busy year for the charity and the school. First there was the February 2014 trip by Nick and Vicki Beach (see our post about this) and then Mary and Lizzie went out with Tom primarily to help with teaching support and literacy. This is very much needed and will be ongoing. Their trip was a great success but the skills given to the teachers need to be continually updated and refreshed so that it can really bed in.

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Vicki & Nick’s trip February 2014 – what a good one

Departure Thursday 6th Feb. 2014
Left home with 6 suitcases within which was only 1 sewing machine this time! Just the 2 of us this trip as Sue had to cancel at the last minute. The journey was easy and we arrived at Terminal 5 about 7.45 a.m. and after checking in and through security we had about 2 hours before our on time take off.

We landed early about 10pm local time and were collected by the Colonial Residence, then to bed. In the morning we met Paul (Dutch joint owner with his Ugandan wife Claire). Just chatting to him he told us he paid his gate keeper/ watchmen 160000 Ug. shillings per month plus food i.e. about £40 per month – a normal wage for this job, highly sought after.

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Fiona’s trip in August 2013

My 10th visit to St. Michael’s, Uganda – August 2013
It is always hard to summarise my visits to Uganda in only a few words, for even though I have been going to the school for over ten years now, each visit is different.
This visit was made special as I travelled with a friend, Stuart Beech for the first week. It was his first visit to rural Uganda. Only being able to spend a week at the school, he was thrown into the deep end, but you would have thought he had been there a hundred times by the way that he slotted into the community straight away. See his post about his experience here.

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Mary Morrison – teacher education – sharing and learning

Teacher Education – sharing and learning
My first visit to Uganda in March 2013 with Vicki, Marian Marlow & Matthew and Rosemary Devlin was a truly memorable experience which began as we flew in to Entebbe close to midnight, with dramatic flashes of lightning and driving rain clearly visible out of the plane windows! This was my first visit to an African country and I was looking forward to new and very different experiences and culture, including views of the countryside, unfamiliar sights, sounds and encounters with new faces and communities.

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Stuart Beech – my first trip to St. Michaels August 2013

photo (2) (300x225)Some thoughts on Leaving St. Michaels after my stay – August 2013

Some great lessons have been learnt while visiting St Michaels’s Uganda! One that stands out the most and provides me with clarity is the purpose of life! It seems these wonderful people live life for each day and don’t worry about what’s in store for them tomorrow, let alone at the end of the week! I think this is one of the main factors to why I feel unhappy living in a city that is so sought after and desired! I’m constantly worrying about future events and trying to over plan and compare to others, rather than enjoying the moment and the fruits of life that it brings, hence not being satisfied! I have learnt that just being around people you care for does wonders for my mood and providing help and assistance satisfying my soul.

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Short reflections on The Easter 2013 trip by Marian Marlow

I recently had the privilege of visiting St Michaels School in Busembatia, Uganda. I had visited Africa before so was familiar with some aspects of African culture. This was my first visit to Uganda and I was immediately struck by the beauty of the country and the friendliness of the people. It is difficult to describe exactly what is so special about St Michaels School , it may be the commitment of the staff, it may be the warmest welcome from the pupils, equally it could be the good will which inhabits the school generally, whatever it is, it is catching! To be able to share in the life of the school, not just an observer, is a truly life changing experience and one which I  recommend to anyone who wants that kind of experience. I shall return to St Michaels in the future to experience once more that wonderful friendship and community rarely found in our busy lives today. If you are considering becoming a supporter of, or volunteer for St Michaels, you will not be disappointed.

Marian Marlow

Fund Raising event held at British Airways Flying Start on 13th June

2013-06-13 15.30.56On Thursday 13th June a very successful fund raising event was held at the Flying Start Club at Heathrow courtesy of, and with many thanks to, British Airways for their generosity. One of the Trustees Fiona Beach-MacGeagh is travelling to the school in July for a month long stay and she will be accompanied by Stuart Beech a BA pilot. The fund raising event was his idea, not only to raise awareness of the school but also to raise funds for him to spend on behalf of the school when he is there.

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Exam results January 2013

St. Michael’s continued with its excellent examination record when the results came out in January. P7 (class Primary 7) achieved 24 Grade 1 results and 14 Grade 2 results. With these top grades any pupil will be able to go to a Secondary School of her choice – but only if her parents can/are willing to pay fees unless the pupil has secured a place in a rare state funded secondary school. As always it seems that the school excels in these examinations which are nation wide.