The Porridge Pot

The School Lunch Feeding Programme is now in its 9th year.


Giving the day girls a meal at lunchtime continues to be our main commitment to the school. There are over 500 girls who benefit every day from this small meal to keep them going through the long school day. Sadly school lunch provided for day children is still almost unheard of in Uganda. The government tries to encourage every school to mobilise to provide this essential meal…but with no money from the government to help fund a meal and schools with a high number of day children already struggling to find the money for scholastic materials, finding the funds to provide a lunch for every child is unachievable. Asking for volunteers and donations of maize from parents to support the school in this venture, is perhaps achievable in urban areas, but deep in the villages where educating a child….let along a girl child…is still considered with some suspicion this has proved far too unrealistic to be a serious option. There are energy efficient stoves at the school, which help to ensure that not too much firewood is used to prepare the huge pans of maize porridge.

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