Bishop Willigers Secondary School

The building of the much needed Secondary School next door continues to be one of our major challenges. There are several primary schools in the area (over 50% of the population of Uganda is under 15 years old) but no secondary school within a reasonable walk. At the moment there are just under 100 students in this fledgling school, but the need is for a school to accommodate 1,000 pupils.

There is still a long way to go! – and we are looking for donors…possibly corporate.. to support us with this venture.

School Lunch Feeding Programme

Having seen the difference that the School Lunch Feeding Programme has made at St. Michael’s we are very pleased that were able to respond positively to the request from the Governors of Bishop Willigers to roll out a School Lunch Feeding Programme. Like the St. Michael’s girls too many of these senior pupils were learning on an empty tummy.

The Porridge Pot

The School Lunch Feeding Programme is now in its sixth year. All 500+ day girls receive a bowl of maize porridge at lunch time. This small meal is making a significant difference in concentration and results amongst the girls . Our charity was formed to start and fund this project and it will always be our highest priority. We juggle the other needs at the school with additional available funds. A nutritional survey has been done amongst the day girls and we are satisfied that although this small meal is not particularly nutritious the girls, in general, return home to a meal in the evening including vegetables and fruit and some protein, so it is adequate.

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2014 Annual Report

Visitors to the School

Vicki and Nick Beach travelled out in February (see posting for details of their trip) and then in May Mary Morrison went out with a Teaching Assistant Lizzie, Tom and Emma McFarland the daughter of Mark McFarland Deputy Head at Dauntseys School – Dauntseys nominated us as their charity of the year for 2014 which was both a surprise and a huge honour. Mary and Lizzie went out specifically to help progress Literacy at the school as it is a big issue with the pupils being taught in English.
During the summer 5 boys from Bath and their leader arrived at the school having been enthused by what is happening and wanting to see for their own eyes. They had a fantastic time helping with technology, sports, music and the like. Their eyes were opened to the reality of life in Uganda, and the school staff and pupils were able to see and interact with Elvin and his friends who are the same age as the oldest girls but from such a different background.
After that Fiona came for a month, in July/August, with Lisa Bernard followed by Kay Hudson (her second visit to the school) and Bernadette. Without exception all visitors to the school have added something of value to pupils and staff alike.

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2014 Thank You

Without our supporters and regular givers we would not be able to feed the 400 day girls or support the growing number of orphans at the school. We are deeply indebted to so many generous individuals, to the Rotary Club of Morriston South Wales, to the members and congregations of St. Thomas More Church & St. Mary’s Church both of Marlborough, Holy Family Church in Pewsey, St. Michael’s Without of Bath and to St. Francis School Pewsey, Horris Hill Newbury, Monkton Combe Prep. School Bath and Marlborough College.

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