Abby Turner went in 2012, read her review

Name: Abby
Duration of stay: 16 Days
When: July 2012
Occupation in the UK: Teacher

“An amazing school run by amazing people. A real sense of community!”


The whole experience was amazing. At first it took me a while to adapt to the simple living of being in a developing country. However, the love and hospitality of the staff made this transition bearable and a fantastic experience. Continue Reading

2014 Half Yearly Report

What a busy year for the charity and the school. First there was the February 2014 trip by Nick and Vicki Beach (see our post about this) and then Mary and Lizzie went out with Tom primarily to help with teaching support and literacy. This is very much needed and will be ongoing. Their trip was a great success but the skills given to the teachers need to be continually updated and refreshed so that it can really bed in.

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