Vicki & Nick’s trip February 2014 – what a good one

Departure Thursday 6th Feb. 2014
Left home with 6 suitcases within which was only 1 sewing machine this time! Just the 2 of us this trip as Sue had to cancel at the last minute. The journey was easy and we arrived at Terminal 5 about 7.45 a.m. and after checking in and through security we had about 2 hours before our on time take off.

We landed early about 10pm local time and were collected by the Colonial Residence, then to bed. In the morning we met Paul (Dutch joint owner with his Ugandan wife Claire). Just chatting to him he told us he paid his gate keeper/ watchmen 160000 Ug. shillings per month plus food i.e. about £40 per month – a normal wage for this job, highly sought after.

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