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St. Michael’s Primary School, Busembatia, Uganda is a government aided school about 88 miles from Kampala and situated in a remote and rural area.

There are about 600 girls and 12 boys, both boarding and day scholars. Most come from desperately poor backgrounds and some are orphans who are given food and shelter by the school.

The charity to support the school was created in 2009 as a means of providing on-going support both practical and financial to this little loving community although our commitment had started a few years earlier.

Notwithstanding the fact that the school is government aided the facilities are extremely basic. Despite the difficulties however the staff show remarkable commitment and the school is a place of happiness.


Jenny had been before, back in 2011 and we have photos and small reminders in our house, so I was prepared, or at least I thought so! We arrived early on the Saturday evening and were soon surrounded by children and from thereon it never really changed. We stayed inside the Convent and were blessed with incredible hospitality throughout our stay. Of course, it’s basic (the power went down on Tuesday morning and didn’t return until Friday), but the love … read more

In February 2015 St. Michael’s opened their doors to start a nursery class for the village. The interest and response has been amazing, and already there are over 100 children (girls and boys) at St. Michael’s. They have expanded and have opened another nursery school in Busembatia. …again with over 100 children.

We are delighted to announce that Mark Mortimer, Headmaster of Warminster School, and Julian Thomas, Master of Wellington College, are running the Marathon des Sables next month to raise money for the construction of teachers’ houses at St Michael’s Girls’ Primary School in Uganda. The 32nd Marathon des Sables will start in the Sahara Desert on 7th April. Competitors run 6 stages over 7 days in temperatures of around 50oC to complete the 250km (156 miles) course. Endurance challenges are … read more